New season is coming and new products have been developed to satisfy everyone needs.

Our showrooms are perfectly salt decorated but not every one can do it. The importance and the benefits of controlled dry aerosol are well know so we thought it was necessary to offer alternatives also to those who cannot, for many different reasons, build and salt decorate a room like ours.

We introduce a few of them here with few pictures but more customized ones are available so just contact us to know more! Salus per Salis in cooperation with Halomed is always active on research.

Cocoon Capsule: luxurious way of receiving effective leading edge halotherapy. Perfect for SPA and wellness centers

Basic Haloroom: standard and simple structure for your own halotherapy in small places. Recommended for private houses and small gym in lack of space. Do not give up the possibility of improving your health!

Breathing room: don’t you have a lot of time but you agree with us about health concept? Mens sana in corpore sano, no matter where are you you can always enjoy the benefits of controlled dry aerosol. Excellent for public spaces like stations, airports, offices and hotels hall.

Contact us at any time for more details and info.