Family Day

Since 2003 City Weekend and Green City have been organizing a big event with lots of activities for families. Every year there is a special topic all activities run around.
This year the topic is ECO PLANET, what a perfect occasion for us that we do our best to fight damages caused by pollution!              
Along the 2 days event we have been introducing our activity to a lot of people and we met so many new friends.

Ok, we admit it: we had FUN!!
Kids were so lovely. Their curiosity led them to our booth to better understand what those “pink things” were.

“Himalayan Salt Lamps, dear!” They are very beautiful but they are healthy as well. Of course, if you want to enjoy more to you can have one at home but even better you can come to our center for halotherapy. Yes, halotherapy.. what a weird name! You can visit us and enjoy playing with salt like being on a beautiful beach. It’s FUN!!!

Then, candies, stickers for the final event gifts and our lovely approach to them did the rest.